ATON AH66TKT Multi-Source, Multi-Zone Controller Kit

(1) AH66T System Controller

(6) OLED2 Touch Pads

(4) AIE2 Talkback
IR Emitters

(4) AIE1 IR Emitters

A six-zone digital audio installation solution packed in one box
  • 6-zone multi-room audio controller, "stackable" to 2 chassis for a 12 zone system
  • Integrated AM/FM tuner with RDS metadata plus 6 additional audio source inputs
  • AM/FM tuner pre-outputs to share tuners between chassis when "stacked"
  • 60 Watts of audio power per zone
  • Dedicated 3.5mm IR inputs — for every zone with discrete IR code set available
  • 2 built-In RS232 ports for iPod metadata and lighting control
  • iPort™ iPod Dock metadata ready!
  • Lutron™ Radio Ra2® codes preloaded
  • Variable or fixed pre-amp outputs for every zone
  • Sirius drivers built-in ready for SCH2P or SRH2000

    (1) AM Antenna, (1) FM Antenna, (2) DB-9 Male to RJ45 Adapters, (1) DB-9 Female to Null RJ45 Adapter, (2) RJ45 568A CAT-5 Cables, (1) Detachable Line Cord, (6) 4-Pin Connectors, (1) 3-Pin Connectors


ATON again puts "Technology in Reach" by offering the AH66TKT, a six-zone digital audio solution packed in one box. The AH66TKT offers your customers exceptional value while providing you the total solution, complete down to 6 color touchpads with color change faceplates, serial adapters for iPort® and Radio RA®2, and even emitters that you’ll need to make your next installation quick and easy.

We put our lineage to work in designing the next generation system platform, the AH66T. From our "Technology in Reach" philosophy of affordability, to advanced user interfaces featuring robust OLED technology, the AH66T delivers on all fronts. Once you see the feature set, you will quickly discover why the ATON AH66T will become your favorite go-to multi-room controller.


We understand why manufacturers build and sell proprietary products. At ATON, we chose to concentrate on our core strengths and partnered with market leading companies to provide peripherals, accessories, and remote controls. What does this mean to you? Seamless integration and systems that offer the best feature sets, period.


Every zone output is amplified with 60 watts of power plus features a line level pre-output for subzones. We know the system will be used with handheld remote controls, so we included a dedicated IR input for every zone with a full, discrete IR code set for integration. We even incorporated a full 2-way RS232 code set for 3rd party controllers using our AH66T as the backbone. Our built-in AM/FM tuner can be shared with a home theater receiver or a second AH66T when stacking our chassis. All of the features you need and expect from ATON!


The AH66T was designed to be controlled by any 3rd party device, but for those who still want a proven in-wall interface, ATON is proud to offer the OLED2 in-wall controller. Why did we design an in-wall controller in the iPhone era. Because an in-wall controller is similar to a light switch, always in the same place ready to work, and not subject to dead batteries or finicky wi-fi connections! Originally developed by our parent company, ELAN Home Systems, the OLED2 touchpad is a capacitive touch keypad featuring full-color OLED displays. OLED or OrganicLED displays are used on cell phones today to provide rich media graphics. In our keypads, they are perfect for displaying metadata text, graphics, channel icons and more. Pair this with matching films white, ivory and almond; you now have the perfect control solution that matches any décor.