ATON DHSIP Source Input Wall Plate

DHSIP Source Input Wall Plate

  • Adds a local audio source to the ATON DHTP1 Touch Pad such as an iPod® or other in-room audio component
  • RCA input converts analog audio sources to digital using high-grade A/D converters
  • Digital optical and coax inputs accept Toslink or coaxial digital outputs from standard audio componentsRCA inputs
  • IR output jack on the front of the Wall plate allows for IR control of the local source
  • Connects to the DHTP1 via Cat5 wire

The DHSIP Source Input Wall Plate is ideal for DH44/DH46X Digital Audio Router zones in which a local source is desired, such as an iPodŽ, gaming system or other in-room audio component. Listening to the local audio source is easy - simply select the local source from the DHTP1 Touch Pad and ramp the volume up to the perfect listening level.