ATON HDR44KT HD Video Router Kit

(1) HDR44 HD Video Router

(4) R44WP HDReceive
Wall Plates

(4) AIR1b IR Receivers

(4) AIE2 Talkback
IR Emitters

(1) R44IRM Slimline
IR Remote
Everything you need for a 4 ROOM HD video and digital audio matrix installation
  • Routes 4 HD component video sources*, to 4 zones (up to 500 ft. away), in tandem with digital and analog audio
  • Supports resolutions of 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p and 480i
  • R44WP Receive Wall Plate in each zone utilizes 2 Cat5 cables from the HDR44 to receive all video and audio
  • System control options:
    - R44WP Receive Wall Plate and Slimline IR remote (included) in each zone
    - Single IR receiver plugged into the back of the HDR44 (controls all zones)
    - Works with all 3rd party control systems or remote controls
  • Expandable to 16 zones with an additional HDR44 chassis
  • Gold plated Component video, digital audio and analog audio inputs
  • Buffered Component video, and digital audio outputs for expansion
  • Zone labels included for easy front panel room identification
  • 2 year warranty

*Up to 1080p. Also supports Standard Definition video sources which use component video outputs


The ATON HDR44 HD Video Router allows you to share four High Definition* video sources from the family or theater room with four other areas throughout the house. Extend the HD and 5.1 Surround Sound** experience to rooms such as the master bedroom, den or even the kid's play room, without needing to purchase multiple video sources for every room in the house.


Now Dad can watch the big game in stunning clarity from family room, Mom can catch every detail from the cooking channel in the kitchen, and the kids can enjoy their favorite HD movies in earth-shattering surround sound in the play room. More HD video and Surround Sound in more locations. ATON delivers it all in one simple system.


Using the ATON R44WP Receive Wall Plate and readily available IR remote controls++ in each room, you can have complete control of your audio/video environment. The HDR44's built-in IR engine allows you to easily switch between four video sources, play/pause/stop the video source, navigate on-screen menus and more.

*Up to 1080p. Also supports Standard Definition video sources which use component video outputs
**Requires Audio/Video receiver, wired speakers and 5.1 video content
++Universal Remote Controls available at most audio/video retailers for source control. Slimline IR Remote included with HDR44 for system control only