Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Speaker Level Audio Router?

The DLA Speaker Level Audio Router is ATON's patent-pending, advanced speaker selector. Typical speaker selectors use clunky knobs or push buttons to turn audio on or off and control volume throughout the house. The DLA provides RF, Touch pad and IR control options which allow the user to roam about the house and control their music. Also, our DLA routers use Dynamic Level Adjustment technology - an advanced logic circuit that monitors the volume levels of each room and delivers maximum available power to each room.

What is the advantage of RF remote control?

When using a DLA RF remote it gives you amazing walk around, wireless control (Up to 200 feet away) of your speakers in any room or outdoors.

Can I control the DLA Speaker Level Audio Routers with my universal remote?

Yes. If you have a learning or PC programmable remote you can either learn in DLA IR codes into the remote using the included Slim line IR Remote or download the CCF IR file from our downloads section to import into popular universal remote software applications. The CCF file even includes codes that allow you to control all rooms from a single location in the house, turn volume up in all rooms simultaneously and more.

Can I use a DLA Router with a multi-zone/multi-source system?

Yes. The DLA Router is perfect for "sub zoning" which allows you to expand any zone on your multi-zone/multi-source system to additional speaker areas and provide wireless or touch pad control. A typical example of sub zoning is extending your kitchen zone to the patio. Attaching a DLA2 to your kitchen zone allows you have the same audio content in the kitchen and patio with added wireless volume control at the patio. For detailed instructions on sub zoning, please refer to the DLA installation manual in our downloads section.

Can I combine multiple DLA Speaker Level Audio Routers into a single system?

Yes. However, each DLA Router will require its own amplifier, RF Receiver, RF remote(s), DLA Touch pads and IR Receivers. Basically, each DLA Router will be an individual control system, with no "chaining" together of RF, Touchpad or IR control.

Can I use more than one DLA RF Remote on a DLA Speaker Level Audio Router?

Yes. You can learn up to 7 RF remotes into a single DLA RF Receiver.

What about RF interference with another DLA RF receiver next door or nearby?

Each DLA RF receiver is unique and assigns a unique ID to every remote that is learned in. This allows multiple remotes and receivers to be operated simultaneously with no interference. No need to worry about controlling the next door neighbor's DLA system with your remote and allows you to have multiple DLA Routers, RF receivers and RF remotes in a single system.