ATON DLA 2 Room Remote

DLA2RM – 2 Room Remote

Compatible with ATON DLA 2Room Remote Controllable Speaker Selector

Note: This remote requires an installed ATON RF receiver.

The DLA2RM RF Remote is an accessory remote control designed to work with the ATON model DLA2RKT RF Remote & Receiver Kit (See Below). This remote will function as an additional controller when added to an existing RF Receiver installation or as a replacement unit.


An industry first for speaker selectors/routers, the DLA RF Remote & Receiver Kit allows you to enjoy all the benefits of ATON's innovative DLA 2Room Remote Controllable Speaker Selector from one simple RF remote control. Now you can control audio in each room with volume, mute, all on/off and unique "sound scene"† commands from anywhere inside or outside the home (up to 200 feet away). The DLA RF Remote is perfect for outdoor applications where wireless control is essential.


The DLA remote's "scene" button is ideal for parties and entertainment – with the touch of a button all rooms come on to their pre-programmed volume levels. The "all on" button is a quick and easy way to turn all rooms on to their default or last volume levels. And the "all off" button turns off all rooms when it’s time for bed or time to leave. Available in 2/4/6 room configurations, each remote includes room labels for easy room indentification.


Unlike typical speaker selectors that use basic impedance correction, the ATON DLA 2Room Remote Controllable Speaker Selector utilize a logic circuit that actively monitors how many rooms are on, along with their respective volume levels, and delivers maximum available power to each room – simultaneously protecting the DLA and the amplifier from damage.


The DLA Speaker Selector allows you to enhance your environment with rich audio in multiple locations. You can enjoy the freedom of letting the party be vibrant while keeping the kitchen conversational. And with convenient RF control, ATON lets you relax so that you can finally sit back…and listen.