ATON DLA2RF - 2 Room Remote Controllable Speaker Selector with RF Remote

DLA2RF - 2 Room Remote Controllable Speaker Selector with RF Remote

  • DLA (Dynamic Level Adjustment) Technology delivers maximum available volume levels to each room while protecting your amplifier from damage (patent pending)
  • ATON RF Remote (included) controls volume levels independently for each room from inside or outside your home (up to 200 feet away)
  • Adds up to 2 pairs of speakers to your home theater/stereo receiver or amplifier
  • Programmable "Scene" command for one-touch recall of your favorite system settings
  • One-touch "All On" command turns audio on in all rooms
  • One-touch "All Off" command turns audio off in all rooms
  • Room labels with adhesive backing included for easy front panel room identification
  • Easy install guide included for quick setup
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty


The speaker selector concept has been around for decades as a device that enables you to connect multiple speakers throughout the home to your stereo system, and turn the speakers on or off. A good concept, but it requires you to either walk to the selector each time you want to control the audio or use clunky volume controls at each speaker location. Not anymore! Introducing the most exciting advancement in the history of speaker selector products: The ATON™ DLA 2 Room Remote Controllable Speaker Selector (DLA2RF) with RF control.

ABOUT DLA TECHNOLOGY* (Dynamic Level Adjustment)

Unlike typical speaker selectors that use basic impedance correction, the ATON DLA utilizes a logic circuit that actively monitors how many rooms are on, along with their respective volume levels, and delivers maximum available power to each room - simultaneously protecting the DLA and the amplifier from damage. Each DLA room output features an electronically controlled potentiometer, built with the highest-grade materials available to ensure super-flat frequency response and high power handling (125 W). *Patent Pending


Electronic controls on the front of the DLA2RF provide true ease of use of all system functions. But what puts the DLA2RF in a class of its own is RF remote control. Using the industry's first RF remote for a speaker selector/router, you can adjust audio in each room with volume, mute, all on/off and unique "sound scene"† commands from anywhere inside or outside the home (up to 200 feet away).


The DLA2RF easily connects to your home theater/stereo receiver and up to two pairs of wired speakers routed throughout the home. If you already have a basic speaker selector, the DLA quickly replaces your existing selector and allows you to play and control your favorite music like never before.


The ATON DLA2RF allows you to enhance your environment with rich audio in multiple locations. You can enjoy the freedom of letting the party be vibrant while keeping the kitchen conversational. And with convenient RF control, ATON lets you relax so that you can finally sit back...and listen.

†A "sound scene" is a programmable preset that allows you to create and recall your favorite volume settings for each room with the press of a button.