ATON DH46X Expansion Router

DH46X - Digital Audio Expansion Router with DIGI-5 Technology

  • Adds 6 zones of audio to the DH44 Digital Audio Router
  • DHTP1 System Touch Pads** connect to the DH46X via Cat5 wire* and feature a built-in, high-efficiency digital amplifier (30 WPC)
  • End-to-end digital architecture delivers crystal clear sound to all zones with no signal loss
  • No PC software required for setup – simply plug in DHTP1 touch pads and go
  • Whole house music mode – turns on all zones to the same audio source
  • Zone pairing - groups multiple zones together
  • Individual zone features:
    - Tone Control (bass/treble adjustment)
    - Balance & Loudness
    - Dynamic Range Compression (DRC)
    - Source Lockout for Parental Control
    - Do Not Disturb (no page/doorbell)
  • Built-in IR engine allows for remote control of all connected audio sources
  • Expandable to 28 zones with additional DH46X expansion routers
  • Slim line IR Remote Included
  • Rack mountable 1U rack height – optional rack ear kit available (REKT)
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty

*For maximum audio performance over long wiring distances (over 150 feet) an additional 16/2 wire is recommended
**Sold Separately


ATON's DH46X Expansion Router adds 6 zones of audio to the groundbreaking DH44 Digital Audio Router with DIGI-5 Technology. The DH44 is an end-to-end digital multi-source, multi-zone solution for superior sound quality with no signal loss. When multiple DH46X Expansion Routers are connected to the DH44, the system can distribute four audio sources (analog or digital) to as many as 28 zones. Using high-grade analog-to-digital converters, the DH44 and DH46X transfer SPDIF digital audio over Cat5 wire to all connected DHTP1 Digital Amplified Touch Pads.


ATON makes it easy to connect the DH44 Router to your existing audio sources and enjoy crystal clear digital audio in multiple areas throughout the house. Designed to blend into any home's interior, the customizable faceplates for the in-wall touch pads are simply elegant. The Digital Audio Router and Amplified Touch Pad provide the perfect entertainment solution: easy installation, sophisticated and sleek product designs, convenient control features, and unparalleled performance.


The DHTP1 Touch Pad features a built-in, high efficiency digital amplifier (30 Watts per channel) and requires no PC software programming to operate - just plug in and you're ready to go. Once connected to the router, the touch pad can select between four system sources and a local source. For zones in which a local source is desired, such as an iPod®, gaming system or other in-room audio component, simply connect the DHSIP Source Input Wall Plate to the DHTP1 Touchpad via Cat5 wire, plug in the local source and select it from the touch pad. The digitally amplified audio is passed from the touch pad to in-room speakers over standard speaker wire, delivering audio like you've never heard before.